Certified Weed-Free Straw bales


Straw Specialties has certified weed-free rice, wheat, barley, and oat straw available in 2-string bales.  Bales weigh approximately 60-80 lbs. each and measure 18"x16"x48".  Straw is also available in 3-string bales.   A few of the projects that commonly use straw in bale form include:

bulletForest fire burn area revegetation
bulletCheck dams in wildfire damaged areas
bulletSoil erosion prevention
bulletRoad construction
bulletMine and land reclamation
bulletSki area slope maintenance
bulletStorm water runoff control
bulletBuilding construction
bulletBedding and forage for animals

Straw bale delivery to Atlanta, Idaho

We delivered thousands of straw bales to remote Atlanta, Idaho for a forest fire restoration project.

Straw is used in many of these projects as mulch to enhance seed germination, retain ground moisture and prevent soil erosion.  Most western states now require the use of certified noxious weed-free forage, straw, and mulch on public land.

Our baled straw meets the noxious weed-free requirements set forth by NAWMA.

To order straw and/or arrange delivery to for bedding, construction, fire restoration, or any other project, e-mail us or call (208)880-8108.  We can deliver straw right to where you need it in virtually any quantity.

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