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straw roll straw roll straw roll

 Certified noxious weed-free straw is ideal for utility companies, building contractors, landscapers, developers, mining, and logging companies for various projects, including:

bulletstraw bale check dams
bulletcontainment areas
bulletstraw mulching
bulleterosion control
Straw bale check dam

Straw bales used as a check dam.

straw bale    straw bale

bulletstraw bale home and out-building construction
bulletcommercial building construction
bulletprivacy walls and other landscaping features

straw rollstraw roll

Post and beam type straw bale house

A post and beam home using straw bales for in fill, near Tucson, Arizona

Straw bale wall

Constructing a load bearing straw bale wall using bamboo pins on the outside for extra strength. 

Mary's straw bale house

Mary's cozy straw bale house near Tucson, AZ

straw balestraw balestraw bale
straw balestraw bale
straw balestraw balestraw bale

To order straw and/or arrange delivery to your construction, landscaping, reclamation, or building needs, e-mail us or call (208)880-8108.  We can deliver straw right to your construction / project site in virtually any quantity.

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