Fire restoration projects

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In the United States alone, millions of acres of forest and brush are destroyed by wildfires each year.  Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation Teams (BAER) must work quickly in developing plans to stabilize soil, control water, prevent movement of sediment and debris and minimize the threat of landslides and floods.  Straw bales, straw mulch, and Straw Wattles™ are all prescribed treatments for burn area rehabilitation efforts.

Noxious weeds have become a very serious problem in the western United States where they are spreading at an astonishing 14 percent per year .  Whenever burn area rehabilitation takes place, there is risk of introducing noxious weeds into already sensitive areas. Purple Strife -- a noxious weed growing along a ditch bank

Purple strife, a noxious weed, clogs irrigation ditches and creeks in Idaho, squeezing out native vegetation.

The use of certified weed-free mulch, baled straw, and wattles is intended to reduce the spread of noxious weeds in public lands.

Products from Straw Specialties meet the certified noxious weed-free requirements set forth by NAWMA.

To order straw and/or arrange delivery to your fire restoration site, e-mail us or call (208)880-8108.

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