Weed-Free Straw Mulch

straw roll straw roll straw roll

When used as mulch, we recommend application rates of 2-4 tons of straw per acre.  Mulching is prescribed in the treatment of hill slopes:

bulletto assist in revegetation of areas scorched by high intensity burns
bulletto prevent soil erosion or loss of water
bulletto minimize the risk of sediment pollution of streams
bulletto protect sensitive areas

Forest fire burn area with straw wattles

straw rollstraw roll

Forest fire burn area near Atlanta, Idaho where straw wattles are being used to prevent soil erosion.

Straw mulching provides excellent ground cover to minimize soil loss and increase productivity by:

bulletreducing of rain drop impact and accelerated erosion
bulletminimizing down slope soil transportation
bulletproviding on site material which contributes to re-establishment of nutrient base in areas where the duff layer has been burned off
bulletincreasing water permeability of treatment areas

Forest fire burn area with straw mulch

straw bale  straw bale

Forest fire burn area near Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, where straw mulch is being used to retain moisture and assist with revegetation.

Remember, straw and mulch used on public land in most western states must be certified noxious weed-free.  Help fight the invasion of noxious weeds!

Our baled straw meets the certified noxious weed-free requirements set forth by NAWMA.

To order straw and/or arrange delivery to your fire restoration site, e-mail us or call (208)880-8108.

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