What are Straw Wattles™? straw wattle straw wattle straw wattle

Straw Wattles™ are long, tubular, rolls of noxious weed-free rice straw, wrapped in black plastic netting.  They are approximately 8 inches in diameter and 25-30 feet long.  Staked into place along hillsides that have been recently constructed or disturbed, the rolls will last for 3 to 5 years and are particularly useful in preventing erosion by trapping and holding sediment on the slopes.  They are an excellent short term solution to reestablishing natural vegetation on hillsides.

Some common applications for Straw Wattles™ include:
bulletFire rehabilitation and reforestation
bulletSki slope maintenance
bulletStream bank restoration and revegetation
bulletVineyard protection
bulletErosion Control
bulletMine and land reclamation

Straw Specialties™ manufactures Straw Wattles™ to order contact Mark or Nick Clelland at (208)880-8108 or mark_clelland@yahoo.com.

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